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What Do Aircraft Mechanics Do?

The World of Aviation Aircraft play a major role in the proper functioning of our society. Commercial aircraft are used to transport passengers and/or cargo, while military aircraft are used to protect the people of the US and other countries, conduct reconnaissance missions, and fight in wars, when necessary. Then there are private jets, which people fly for pleasure or other reasons. Aircraft are also used by police and fire departments, oil and gas exploration companies, surveying firms, farmers (for crop dusting), and others to meet specific goals. Did you know that that there are nearly 26,000 commercial aircraft and about 22,000 private jets in the world? That’s a lot of planes, and these totals don’t include the hundreds of thousands of small, one- or two-seat aircraft. Modern aircraft are highly complex, and it takes skilled aircraft mechanics to maintain and repair them. The strong demand for aircraft mechanics is not being met, because not enough people want to do this job. With the number of commercial aircraft alone expected to reach 38,189 by 2023, according to Statista.com, the shortage of mechanics has become a major problem for the aviation industry. If you have strong technical, troubleshooting,


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