Rachel feels hopeless about her addiction to alcohol, but help is available through treatment programs, the support of friends and family, and other resources. Read her story on page 14.

have alcohol odor on their breath. The person’s hair or fingernails may become more brittle and damaged, and the person’s hygiene may falter. Many people who drink too much forget to bathe or brush their teeth regularly. The person may start to have signs of premature aging, and have dry or flushed skin, or damaged capillaries in the face. The person may also develop either excessive weight gain or weight loss. They may stumble and stagger if they have consumed large amounts of alcohol. Some may make terrible decisions—such as driving while intoxicated. If you know the person well, you will likely sense that something is amiss. Just remember that casual drinking at parties can quickly turn into an alcohol addiction. Furthermore, addiction is a progressive disease, and while early warning signs are challenging to spot,


Detoxing from Alcohol

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