Many people use drugs in secret. You may never see the person actually use a drug, but you may notice other signs and behaviors. One of the biggest signs is mood swings or mood changes. Unfortunately, moodiness is often attributed to teen hormones and not to a drug problem. Your friend may become aggressive or angry. A normally upbeat person may become despondent. You may notice your friend losing interest in activities they once enjoyed or dropping an old group of friends to hang out with a new group. The person may start to break rules or otherwise act irresponsibly. He or she may miss school or work assignments. Your friend may avoid eye contact, make secretive phone calls, or offer excuses or even lie about his or her behavior. He or she may frequently ask for money or even steal.

Caption text here Challenging relationships, workplace issues, sexual abuse, and many other things can prompt people to start abusing drugs or to relapse from abstinence.


What Is Drug Addiction?

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