Online gambling is legal in some US states and foreign countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, France, and New Zealand.

gamble. Gambling addicts can have trouble at work or school and can have strained personal relationships. Many people who are addicted to gambling have financial or even legal problems. Addictive gambling is also referred to as gambling disorder or compulsive gambling. The person who is addicted often feels uncontrollable urges to gamble, even though the addiction causes issues in their life. People often feel the urge to risk money in the hope of getting more money. A person can very quickly deplete their savings account or even build up great debt. Similar to drug and alcohol addictions, gambling triggers the brain’s reward system, and chemical reactions occur that fuel the addiction. Therefore, gambling is like a substance-based reaction. The brain releases chemicals called endorphins when we do something pleasurable, such as eating a favorite food. Gambling can


Detoxing from Gambling

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