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What Is Shopping Addiction? Shopping, Shopping, and More Shopping

We all shop. After all, a person must buy groceries, clothes, and other essential items. However, about 6 percent of Americans have a shopping addiction , which involves compulsive buying of things as a coping mechanism or a way to avoid negative feelings and anxiety. Research indicates that shopping addictions usually begin in the late teens or early adult years. Many people develop a shopping addiction as a way to boost their self-esteem or feel better about a negative situation that is occurring in their lives. The addiction affects both men and women. Due to the easy access to online shopping via the Internet, this addiction is on the rise worldwide. Lisa’s Story Prominent newspapers and magazines have covered personal stories of shopping addiction in an effort to increase awareness about the behavior. The New York Post published the story of Lisa’s shopping addiction. At the time of the story’s publication, Lisa was 56 years old, worked in a hospital as a registered nurse and was the mother of two


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