cheer one up from a bad day. We have all made impulse purchases or splurged on something we didn’t really need to buy. However, when shopping becomes the primary way to cope with stress, it has become an addiction. When shopping becomes so excessive that it is clearly creating negative ramifications in the person’s life, it has likely turned into an addiction. If a friend talks and thinks about shopping most of the time, this person may have an addiction. The person might be preoccupied with making purchases or with obtaining money to buy things. When shopping, the person may be unable to control spending habits. For example, a person may love a pair of shoes and may buy several pair, one in each color. After making the purchase, they may lose interest and never wear any of the shoes. Items may pile up in a person’s home, creating a tower of shame of the unnecessary purchases he or

Purchasing many pairs of shoes or countless sweaters—and never wearing them—is a sign that a person has a shopping addiction.


What Is Shopping Addiction?

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