media platform, according to the Pew Research Center, which today reports that 72 percent of the American public uses some type of social media. In 2020, more than 3.6 billion people worldwide used social media, according to Statista.com. This number is projected to increase to nearly 4.41 billion in 2025. The Benefits of Social Media Many people enjoy using Facebook, checking out videos on TikTok, reading blogs, or using other types of social media. There are many benefits to using social media, including the ability to: • stay connected with friends and family and reconnect with old classmates, coworkers, and others • make new friends who have shared interests • stay up to date with news events or the activities and achievements of one’s favorite organizations or public figures (e.g., artists, actors, musicians) • share one’s artwork, writing, or music and receive feedback • play games with friends • find community and support for specific activities • have fun, blow off steam, and be entertained Social media can also be used for professional and business purposes. Many people use LinkedIn and other professional networking sites to learn about trends in their industry, participate in networking opportunities with recruiters and people in their field, and find jobs. Businesses value social media because, it allows them to market their products and services for free (or inexpensively if they purchase ads), talk with their customers and obtain feedback, and elevate their brands .


What is Social Media Addiction?

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