Here are some of the most popular video game genres. Some games feature more than one genre. Action games: Those in which the player is in control and is at the center of game action. Examples include Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario Odyssey . Action-adventure games: Those that involve completing game long quests and/or overcoming obstacles to reach a series of goals or a main goal. These games often feature puzzle- and riddle-solving and fighting sequences. Adventure games: Those in which the player must interact with other characters and game elements to solve challenges and reach a goal. Casual games: Video games that provide users with a short and relaxing experience. These games have simple rules and do not require many skills to be able to play. Asteroids , Bejeweled , Galaga , Space Invaders , Tetris , and Farmville are examples of casual video games. Puzzle games: Those that require users to solve a problem or answer a series of questions to continue on to more challenging levels. Role-playing games: A game genre in which the player takes on the role of a character or characters in a game. Shooter games: A computer game genre in which the principal goal is to shoot at one’s enemies and otherwise engage in warfare (e.g., throwing grenades, fighting with swords). Examples include Fortnite and Call of Duty . Simulation games: Those that seek to emulate, or simulate, a real situation or event.


Detoxing from Video Games

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