Dillinger believed that the influences of urban life had corrupted his child and felt that a move to the country could fix it. While his father immediately took to the life of the gentleman farmer, Dillinger abhorred life in the country. He kept his machine shop job, commuting the 18 miles from the farm to the city. He lived the wild, rebellious teenager life, staying out late, drinking, fighting, and embroiling himself in romance. The ladies always loved John Dillinger. A handsome man with piercing eyes and straightforward manner, he romanced many women. Occasionally, he hired prostitutes. In 1922, his parents added their last child to their family when Lizzie delivered his youngest sister, Frances Dillinger Thompson. The youngsters added to his parents’ household did nothing to temper his behavior, which continued to escalate, culminating with him stealing a car on July 21, 1923. Described as handsome and enigmatic, Dillinger was famous for his flamboyant and bold manner.


John Dillinger

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