Theodore Robert Cowell was born in Burlington,Vermont on November 24, 1946. He would later be known as Ted Bundy.

posed as Ted’s parents. The complex household became more chaotic once she moved in with her infant. Bundy later explained to psychiatrist Dorothy Otnow Lewis that one of his aunts had molested him while they both lived in the same home. It was before he knew the truth of his birth, so at the time, he thought she was his sister. His early deviant behavior jibes with a reaction to sexual abuse. Even as a child, Ted could turn on the charm. His Aunt Julia (nicknamed Julie) recalled to Dr. Lewis how adorable he had appeared when playing with his little red wagon. In the same interview, she recalled when she had found that he had placed knives throughout her bed. The latter incident occurred when he was three years old. His mother, Louise, recognized the problems in her parents’ household. After the knives incident, she moved with Ted from her family’s home in Philadelphia to her cousin’s home in Tacoma,


Ted Bundy

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