31, 1961, Ann Marie Burr disappeared from the suburban Tacoma, Washington, bedroom she shared with her three-year old sister, Julie. Law enforcement never discovered her remains. Her case remains unsolved. When a police officer once inquired whether he’d killed all of the women the police suspected he had killed, he quipped that they should add a digit, indicating that he had murdered at least 100. A quick glance at the Doe website, an online database of all missing and unidentified individuals by state, shows that many women who went missing

Ted Bundy as a senior in high school.

in the early 1970s remain missing. Although we know that Bundy kidnapped and killed women as early as 1974, other women in the database who disappeared the year before that match his type. So do women here and there in prior years. They look like Ted’s type, but authorities have no way of determining whether he killed them, because they found no remains. Georgeann Hawkins’s name appears on the Doe website, because police never found her remains. Ted Bundy confessed to killing her though, describing the time and manner, and explaining where he’d disposed of her body. Born on November 24, 1946, university student Ted Bundy just didn’t make a realistic candidate for serial killer in 1974. The 28-


Ted Bundy

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