The words that we use to describe various sexual orientations have changed over time, and they are likely to continue to change. These descriptors can be useful, because they let you tell people who you feel you are and what you want from your life, but they can also feel limiting. Sometimes, people have misconceptions about what a particular word means, and even when people do understand a word, not everyone agrees on the definition. Let’s take a moment to lay out what we mean by bisexual and pansexual , and some of the implications of those identities. Understanding what is meant by each term can increase clarity when reading about or discussing sexuality. Sexual Orientation Exists on a Spectrum People are sometimes confused about terms like bisexuality and pansexuality, because neither seems to describe their own experience with attraction. Pan means “all,” but no one is attracted to everyone. Bisexuality implies a binary —either male What Does It Mean to Be Bisexual or Pansexual?


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