We don’t have to tell you how crazy and overwhelming life can be when you are near or in your teenage years. You’re bombarded with ideas fromall sorts of sources—including your ownmind. Youmay find that you’re feeling all the things the YA novels and sex ed classes say you’re supposed to feel. Or youmay feel that your experience doesn’t look anything like what you see around you. That’s why we created this series about gender identity and sexual orientation. People with experiences, feelings, and identities that don’t fall into the so-called normal boxes are in need of information. And even if you happen to be both hetero and cisgendered, it’s almost certain that there are people you care about who are not. These books can provide answers to some basic questions, as well as helping you define a direction for your inquiries going forward. You may also find things in these books that you don’t agree with. That’s okay. The truth is, gender and sexuality are highly individual, and no one person’s experience is going to look exactly like another’s. Also, there’s a good chance that, just as older textbooks on sexuality have become outdated, ideas about LGBTQIA folks are going to evolve beyond what we’re writing here today. As a species, we are still figuring it out. Our understanding of sex, gender, attraction, and relationships is still in its infancy. Gender Identity and Sexual Expression Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. —Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek


Male-to-Female Transgender and Transfeminine Identities

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