world, too. She grew up in a cozy two-bedroom home in Highland Park, a community northeast of Los Angeles, far from the bright lights of Hollywood and all the famous concert venues that populate the City of Angels. Eilish’s mom appeared in several noteworthy television shows, including Bones and The X-Files . During that time, her father had roles on the political drama The WestWing and Iron Man , among others. Even her brother Finneas dabbled in acting, snagging some screen time in the movie BadTeacher starring Cameron Diaz, along with television roles on Modern Family and Glee . While the household was unconventional in many respects—the kids were given the two bedrooms while mom and dad slept in the living room—their upbringing was draped in love, support, and encouragement. No matter the struggles that arrived on the family doorstep through the years, and there were plenty of those just as there are in most families, their bond as a loving and deeply caring family grew tighter over time. When the parents didn’t have an acting gig pinned down, which was often in an industry in which thousands vie for roles and harbor dreams of big-screen stardom, they did a variety of jobs. Her mom taught some acting classes, and dad was skilled with lumber, picking up carpentry jobs on the side to generate income to buy food, pay bills, and support their kids any way they could. The home décor also hinted at the family’s attachment to the entertainment industry: a variety of musical instruments were often within easy reach throughout the house, movie and television scripts laid on the table awaiting review; and a small studio stood out back that was used for voice-over work. Dream Chasing Growing up in this atmosphere, surrounded by hard working parents, laid a strong foundation for Eilish from the start of her journey. She saw from an early age that there are no shortcuts to success. Her parents had to work incredibly hard and compete to earn roles, and Eilish was a witness to the dedication they appointed to their craft. Commitment, perseverance, and tireless effort were required day after day and week after week to progress and attain goals. It was seeing her parents grinding over lines in a script and all the hours that were devoted to memorizing and rehearsing them that would seep into her work ethic, too.


Billie Eilish

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