Eilish also saw the importance of dreaming big and refusing to surrender no matter how many rejections were dispensed , setbacks experienced, or obstacles encountered along the way. When children see the genuine passion in their parents’ eyes for pursuing dreams and always striving to do their best, that energy and enthusiasm can be contagious and serve as a powerful source of inspiration in their own work. Eilish has revealed in interviews that she credits her mom for a lot of the songwriting skills she learned and developed growing up. Her mom released her own 11-track album called We Sail in 2009. So, when Eilish is piecing together lyrics, mediocrity isn’t an option. She has been vocal about having high standards for her work, all because she has seen how dedicated her mom has been to the songwriting craft.

Eilish’s mom was also an entertainer, working as an actor and an acting teacher when her daughter was growing up.


a star is born

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