Voice for Vegan Billie Eilish has shared in numerous interviews that she supports a plant-based lifestyle and is vegan, meaning she doesn’t eat or use any animal products. Through some of her social media posts, she has encouraged her fans to adopt a vegan lifestyle, too, while also criticizing what she sees as the unnecessary raising and killing of animals simply for dining pleasure.

“Pretty much my whole life I’ve been a performer and have loved singing and writing songs in my room for my own ears.”

Home, But Not Alone Eilish’s parents chose to homeschool her and her brother, one of those delicate decisions often met with wary glances and raised eyebrows from outsiders who believe that kids need personal interactions with teachers and classmates in a traditional classroom setting. As a much-debated topic in education these days about what’s best for kids, it’s clear that home schooled children do tend to miss out on a lot of experiences that can’t be replicated where they live, such as those conversations with other students in the hallways and cafeteria; learning to take instruction and feedback from a variety of teachers with different styles and personalities; and participating in school plays, sports, clubs, and a multitude of other extracurricular activities that are a big part of a child’s educational experience and development on school property.


Billie Eilish

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