Powerful performer, planet protector

The power of “Ocean Eyes” has stretched across the globe, as Billie Eilish gave a thumbs up to the non-profit group CoralWatch and its request to use the mega-hit in its social media campaign to raise awareness about the damages affecting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Eilish, active and outspoken on protecting the planet, was pleased to share her hit to help the group’s efforts in saving one of the seven

natural wonders of the world and the largest coral reef on the planet. An 8-year-old fan, and avid CoralWatch supporter, reached out to Eilish on social media asking if they could utilize the hit. The moment showcases both

the wide range of fans from around the world who adore Eilish’s music, plus that the young superstar cares deeply about serious environmental matters and wants to help be a difference-maker in saving the planet.



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