Leap to Greatness Harry Styles’ giant leap from popular boy band singer to superstar solo sensation took place in a blur of breathtaking brilliance that took much of the music industry by surprise. The talented teen flourished from the get-go, unbothered and untouched by issues that often stall or derail careers just finding their way out of the starting blocks. Stepping out as a solo performer, Styles headed straight into the searing spotlight of global stardom. Fans swooned over his music, savoring that super smooth voice that he was taking into uncharted territory while producing an assortment of songs that were resounding successes. Plus, often hard-to-please music critics were piling on the superlatives, marking Styles’ arrival as a world-class entertainer who can fill arenas across the globe. Besides the stunning voice, he brought the entire package that bolsters the voltage of star power these days: good looks, great hair, a dazzling smile, a big heart, character aplenty, and a unique ability to own the stage and take audiences along for a ride they’ll never forget. Of course, Styles also possesses a deep love and relentless, all-consuming passion for producing high-quality, must-hear music for the masses. Plus, his love of wearing bold, colorful, head-turning outfits—often leaning heavily toward the female side—merely adds to his persona as a megastar. It has been a remarkable


a star is born

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