Pet Lover Growing up, there were always cute dogs roaming the house and cuddly cats lounging about, which led to his deep love for animals today. The family had a border collie named Max and several cats, including one named Dusty. His mom shared an old childhood photo of Styles with her, his sister, and their dog on her Instagram page (@annetwist). Freddie and Elvis Styles and his sister lived with their mom, who shouldered the bulk of the child-raising responsibilities. The love never stopped flowing despite the drastically different childhood that ensued, but there were tough moments and plenty of tears as the kids settled into their new life. During these life shifting moments—such as a divorce, a death, or a big move—children often find solace in different outlets that help nudge their attention away from the difficulties that have arrived on their doorstep. It could be discovering a sport to play, a hobby to dive into, or a group of friends to connect with, for example. For Styles, it was music that grabbed his attention, enveloped his soul, and placed him on a life-changing course that he could never have predicted was on the horizon at the time. After receiving a karaoke machine as a gift, Styles was fascinated by how entertaining he found it to be. He spent countless hours singing along to the different songs that were available on the machine. There were a couple of legendary performers who caught his attention during his initial flirtation with music while growing up: British singer Freddie Mercury, best known as the lead vocalist for the mega-famous rock bandQueen; andAmerican icon Elvis Presley, who sang and gyrated his way into the hearts of millions from the 1950s to the 1970s. As music began consuming Styles’ life and he started listening to a wide range of artists, lots of other well-known performers started becoming huge influences, such as Stevie Nicks of the world-famous


Harry Styles

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