when it comes to food, the center of Northern African cuisine is the Maghreb. Since the Amazigh cultural footprint extends throughout Northern Africa, there are some traditions that are similar everywhere in the region. Still, at the same time, each country, and many regions within the countries, have developed local traditions, food dishes, and dining etiquette they call their own. For example, in the Atlas Mountains region around Khénifra, in Northern Morocco, the cuisine of the Zayanes tribe is very simple, based almost entirely on corn, barley, butter, honey, lamb’s milk, and organ meat. A traditional dish in Khénifra is ahriche , which is made with stomach fat and organ meat from a lamb or some other animal wrapped on a stick with tripe (intestines) and cooked over hot coals. In Tunisia, mussels are a common appetizer and are likely to be followed by an entire roasted lamb cooked either on a spit or in a pit dug in the ground, a style called mechoui . The cooked lamb is eaten

Mussels are a typical appetizer served in the coastal regions of Northern Africa.



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