Athens when a Greek hero named Pheidippides ran 25 miles (40.23 kilometers) from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news that the war against Persia was over and that the Greeks were victorious. He then keeled over and died. The founders of the modern Olympic Games named the race in honor of this mythic hero. The Role of Food The Greek people use mealtimes for socializing and tend to put lots of different dishes on the table at once. From dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves) covered in egg-lemon sauce to delicious baklava

The far-flung scattering of islands that make up the Aegean regions of Greece have their own strong culinary traditions. Scan here for a look at several dishes found in the islands of the Dodecanese archipelago, some 310 miles (500 kilometers) from the mainland in the Southern Aegean region just off the coast of Turkey.



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