sauce and piled high with onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. Souvlaki is cooked pieces of pork that are served as a kabob on a stick. One thing to know and understand about Greek culture is that, from ancient times to today, Greek people love to eat and are offended if they offer you food when you visit their home, and you refuse. They consider cooking and preparing food as an act of love and kindness as well as generosity. They view eating the food as a social event and are very relaxed, especially at dinner time, due to their daily siesta. Since the climate in Greece is hot most of the year, all businesses and schools close down for a couple of hours around 2 p.m. every afternoon for people to take a nap and stay out of the sweltering conditions outdoors. Most of the houses in Athens are built upward because of the lack of space since it is a large

and growing city. Marble is a commonly used building material since it is cooler during hot weather. Many families have a business on the first floor and build their


When Greek people celebrate birthdays, they usually have a cream-style cake rather than one made with eggs and flour. They do have traditional candles on top, but the taste of the birthday cake is very different from American-style birthday cakes. Greek people also have a “name day” since Greek names are derived from religious saints. A name day is celebrated even more than a birthday, and many name days fall on a holiday. For example, a person named Christopher or any version of the name Christos, including Christina, will celebrate their birthday on Christmas Day. There is always a special feast for name days along with plenty of sweets, including cake and baklava .



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