Naples Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited human settlements in Europe, with roots in the Neolithic Era around 2000 BCE. There are certainly older sites, but most were eventually abandoned. Naples is a rare exception. It became a colony of Greece in the 8 th century BCE before it was refounded as “Neopolis.” In 327 CE, Naples joined the Roman Empire and was one of the cities affected by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Even though the surrounding cities were severely damaged or destroyed, Naples was left standing.

Tomatoes are not native to Italy, but are a staple ingredient of Italian cooking.

The city would become part of Spain and then part of the Holy Roman Empire before it was finally brought into the Kingdom of Italy in 1860. Today, it is the home of around one million people and the official home of pizza. Naples has more to offer than just pizza and pasta. Street food is important in the city, and sidewalk vendors can be found selling local favorites such as veal snout, pig feet, and pastries. In homes and restaurants, foods like stuffed fried escarole (a thick cabbage with a bitter taste) can be found. This vegetable is stuffed with ingredients like garlic, olives, anchovies, and cheese before it is fried.



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