with a dominant role in making decisions and providing for the family. Unfortunately, this attitude toward “manly” duties and behavior has a correlation with increased sexual and domestic violence, especially in urban areas. Marianismo refers to the Virgin Mary and refers to a submissive, meek behavior in women. In a traditional Mexican home, the woman stays home, raising children, cooking, cleaning, and managing the household. Today, Mexicans have shown a societal shift toward feminist ideals. It is not as uncommon now to see women in roles such as lawyers, doctors, and government officials as it might have been 30 years ago. Regardless of the appearance of a more gender-equal society, familial relationships remain paramount to the Mexican way of life. The Poblano people are deeply tied to their ancestors and extended family. They trust in the adage of “it’s who you know” as people often find careers or opportunities through their extended family.

In Mexico, traditional gender roles persist, and women do most of the food preparation and cooking.

Chapter 1: Poblano


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