The reasons for this breakdown include religious differences throughout the region and the landscape itself. The Arabian Peninsula is a hot region with a primarily desert landscape. Civilizations and countries often rose and fell based on their access to water throughout extended wars and conflicts. As a result, the area’s food choices were usually based on convenience, ease of preparation, and simplicity of storage. Crops, Livestock, and Spices The highly arid atmosphere of this area makes it hard to maintain crops and livestock. Hardy animals like goats and chickens are common throughout this area’s cuisine, as they are easy to raise and butcher. That said, fish is also popular due to the proximity of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Pork is not eaten throughout the region, as it is forbidden by Islamic culture. Nevertheless, dairy products like cheese, butter, and cream are widespread.

Goat meat is widely used in the region as goats are animals that thrive in the local environment.

Middle Eastern


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