Saudi Arabia, Bahrain &Qatar Chapter

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar have a uniquely connected history due to their proximity on the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia takes up almost all of the peninsula and is the largest country in the Middle East and the second largest in the overall Arab world. The term ‘Arab world’ commonly refers to 22 countries throughout Western Asia and Northern, Western, and Eastern Africa. Algeria is the largest of these, while Egypt is the most populous. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is 830,000 square miles or 2,150,000 square kilometers in area. It extends from the Red Sea in the west to the Persian Gulf in the east and consists of vast stretches of arid desert across most of its landscape. However, some lowland, steppe, and even mountainous territories exist throughout the nation. This country is home to Mecca, the most important city for the Islamic faith, which is followed by almost two billion Muslims worldwide. Heavy tourism traffic to the area is common as a result. Beyond its religious importance, Saudi Arabia is dominated by its massive natural reserves of crude oil, which helps create a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of around $1.924 trillion.


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