provide better medical care, help banks stop financial fraud, or help companies understand and better serve their customers. There’s a common misconception that science workers spend most of their time in dreary, windowless laboratories or research facilities. While they do spend lots of time in these places (that really aren’t dreary), they also spend time in the field, testing, troubleshooting, and trying out their inventions or discoveries. Some science professionals launch their own businesses, which can be both fun and very rewarding. Job opportunities are available throughout the United States and the world. Science professionals play such important roles in our modern world that there are job openings almost anywhere, although many positions are found mainly in big cities. I a Career in ence Right for Me? Test your interest. How many of these statements do you agree with? ___ My favorite class is mathematics. ___ I enjoy doing science experiments. ___ I am curious about how things work. ___ I am creative and have a good imagination. ___ I like to build electronics and other things that require electricity. ___ I like to take things apart and see how they work. ___ I am good at math and physics. If many of the statements above describe you, then you should consider a career in the sciences. But you don’t need to select a career right now. Check out this book on a career as a big data specialist, and other books in the series, to learn more about occupational paths in the sciences and related fields. Good luck with your career exploration! ___ I also enjoy computer science classes. ___ I like to conduct research and gather data. ___ I like to design and build things. ___ I like to solve puzzles.



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