When investigators examined the relationship between core stability and cycling output, they found that fatigued coremuscles altered cyclingmechanics. After a half-an-hour core workout, cyclists exhibited unnecessary ankle and kneemotion. These results suggest that fatigue leads to compensatorymovement patterns which over time could lead to overuse injury. Improved Balance Themuscles of the core help to keep us upright on unstable surfaces. It all starts whenwe first learn towalk. Our bodies have to figure out how to transfer our weight fromone leg to the next without falling over. During this process, our coremuscles subtly contract and relax to correct for any errors. We aremanipulating our body positioning to balance over themidfoot, battling gravity the entire time. By the time we’re walking normally, our core receives this feedback and reacts without conscious thought.

The highly sought-after “six-pack” abs are easier for some to achieve than others due to natural physiology—the rectus abdominis is just more prominent in some people.


Core Training

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