Watch this video on the benefits of endurance training.

Regular aerobic exercise has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase helpful high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, which is able to clear out of the body through the liver, thereby protecting against heart disease. Think of cholesterol like something stuck in the bottom of a straw. If you try to drink anything with it, you have to try hard. The same applies to your heart when the arteries are obstructed. Therefore, regular endurance training can both ease up your heart’s workload and make each beat more effective. Reduced Stress Research confirms that aerobic activity reduces reoccurring emotional stress by balancing out your hormones. According to Harvard Health , getting in shape can alter your body on a physical level to lift your spirits. Rhythmic exercises, such as running, cycling, or training on the elliptical, offer a sort of physical meditation, lulling us into a present focused state. Of course, this won’t happen immediately after you start doing these exercises. Early on, building endurance can be hard work. However, if you can push through, your body will adapt and start to respond accordingly. For example, childrenwho demonstrate high levels of stress, anxiety, or depression can rely on aerobic training to alleviate symptoms. According to the Journal of Psychosomatic Research , 25–30minutes of aerobic exercise twice weekly for 10 weeks resulted in significantly less stress,


Endurance Training

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