especially as exercise intensity increased. This suggests that pushing yourself to endure long, high-intensity aerobic training weakens the relationship between stress and ongoingmental health issues. Greater Recovery Endurance training can also help you recover fromweightlifting, speed training, and team sports activities. Studies show a strong relationship between aerobic fitness and the immediate oxidative response to high-intensity interval exercise. With a better aerobic capacity also comes better replenishment of phosphocreatine , the fuel that allows us to reach the highest level of exercise under six seconds. Finally, some research reports show that higher aerobic fitness corresponds tomore efficient lactate removal. Lactate accumulation has a lot to dowith localizedmuscular endurance. Therefore, themore endurance training you do, the longer your muscles will be able to contract at a specific intensity. This research suggests that even power athletes, such as sprinters, basketball players, and weightlifters, can benefit fromendurance training.

Endurance training helps the body recover faster from activities such as weightlifting.


Endurance Training: What it is and How it Helps

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