CANYOUBE CONSIDERED FIT IF YOU EATA HEALTHY, BALANCED DIETBUT DON’T EXERCISE? If diet is so important to health, where does that leave exercise? Do you have to exercise as long as you’re eating the proper nutrients? In the short term, you can survive without exercise. In the long term, you’ll want some formof regular movement to thrive. Inactivity is known to decrease circulation, reducemuscular strength and tone, decrease bone density, increase inflammation, and disrupt your immune system function. Not exercising, therefore, elevates your risk of developing the following:

THE TRUE CONSE QUENCES OF NOT EATING WELL In 2019, CNN reported a case study about a young boywho succumbed to blindness as a result of his diet. Apparently, he survived on a diet of french fries, white bread, and Pringles . . . until his health began to decline. At just fourteen years of age, the University of Bristol began caring for himas he complained of extreme fatigue despite normal BMI, height, and other health indicators. According to the Annals of Internal Medicine , medical professionals discovered dangerously low levels of vitamin B12 and red blood cells. Despite receiving treatment, the boy began to lose his hearing and visionwithin a year. Hewas blind by the age of seventeen as a result of high zinc levels, as well as low copper, selenium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. Even if he didn’t showany outward signs of malnutrition, clearly not eatingwell had its negative effects.

• Cancer • Stroke • Type 2 diabetes • Heart disease • High blood pressure


Connecting Fitness and Nutrition

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