acid even faster than it accumulates! Furthermore, anaerobic training also allows the body to store glycogen more efficiently. Withmore glycogen available, themuscular system is able to function effectively even longer under these conditions. Basically, structuring your training in away that enhances these responses affords you the ability to keep grinding away during crunch time, when your competitionmay be exhausted. Since HIIT has become such a mainstream staple in the exercise and training community, there are plenty of existing workouts available that are well written and more than capable of challenging you. Even better, since the actual foundation of this technique is pretty straightforward, you can easily

HIIT BENEFIT #1 Even during busy time periods when you find it hard to get an effectiveworkout in, HIIT has your back. Due to the fact that youwill be really pushing yourself for most of the workout, the total time needed to get the job done decreases. At just 30minutes, HIIT is an easy item to check off of even the busiest “to-do” list, making it a really great tool to remain consistent with your fitness routine!

HIIT can take many forms. The key is to strive for consistency fromworkout to workout.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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