come upwith your own HIIT workouts to include specific exercises and movements. Variety is a great way to stay engaged and excited about your workouts. This is an extremely important factor to consider, given that the key to success in anything you strive for is consistency. If you look forward to your next workout and regularly alter themovements involved, you aremuchmore likely to remain consistent in general. POPULARUSES OFHIIT A common theme in new genres of workout routines or training regimens is that they are used or recommended by an individual, such as a professional athlete or celebrity. Since these types of people have such a large following, their fans oftenwant tomimic what this icon is doing in the hope that theymight look or perform like that person does. Another common trait of most popular training techniques is that they appeal to a specific group of people. Workouts that target ultra-busy professionals, stay-at-homemothers, and other niche groups tend to gain a lot of popularity within these groups. People like to be able to relate to anything they are a part of, and the type of exercise they choose to stick with is no different.

Check out this video for an example of how time-efficient your workouts can become with HIIT.


What is High-Intensity Interval Training?

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