While there are lots of ways to actually use this technique when it comes toworking out, the definition above is the foundation for any variation of HIIT. Due to the challenging nature of the technique, HIIT workouts usually last nomore than 30minutes. This type of training significantly accelerates the buildup of lactic acid inmuscle tissue; therefore, any training session longer than 30minutes has the ability to become counterproductive. Any strenuous workout, HIIT examples included, causes a drastic increase in your body’s oxygen and nutrient requirements. In order to maintain homeostasis , your body actually alters its metabolism to use different energy sources. Normally, carbohydrates are the body’s go-to source for energy. During activities such as HIIT, the body will start to burn fat for energy tomeet its fuel requirements.

HIIT workouts are typically no more than 30 minutes because the intensity means it takes less time for them to be effective.


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

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