Instead of completely erasing the definition of fitness you probably had in mind, think in terms of simply expanding on that definition. Being physically fit and maintaining a great physique will most certainly improve your life and the experiences you get to enjoy. You just need to realize there is more to the equation. Not only is it important to acknowledge that your mental fitness is an equally important component of what it means to be “fit,” but also the relationship between physical and mental fitness is another topic that desperately needs to be addressed. These two variables have always gone hand-in-hand. If you want to really get the most out of everything life has to offer, making sure that your internal environment is being nourished right alongside your physical state is of utmost importance. As human beings, we are all incredibly complex and unique creatures. There is always more to someone than meets the eye.

ANOTHER CAR ANALOGY For whatever reason, explaining certain situations using a car seems to be the way to go. Not to be cliché, but the analogyworks great with the ideawe are emphasizing here. Think of your physical health as the outside of the car. Everyone loves a shiny set of rims, sleek paint job, and freshly cleaned exterior. These things are great and definitely important. However, none of themmatter much if the mechanical components of the car, the transmission, electronics, etc., are falling to pieces. Your mental health is the inner workings of the car that other people rarely see. Don’t spend somuch timeworking on your physique and physical fitness that you end up neglecting the equally important side of who you are—your mental health.


Fitness is More Than a Physical Pursuit

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