USE STRENGTHTRAINING TOOPTIMIZEMENTAL ANDEMOTIONALHEALTH Exercise is known to release endorphins , but why is that important? The word endorphins forms a catchall term for any hormones in humans and other animals that produce a sensation of happiness. Interestingly, the word comes froma contraction of the words “endogenous” and “morphine,” highlighting its ability to internally reduce the communication of pain and signal its opposite—euphoria. Endorphins are released fromyour central nervous system in response to laughter, food, physical intimacy, music, and of course, exercise. As completely natural and safe chemicals, the endorphins released by these activities provide a fantastic way to feel happy. When it comes to exercise, however, endorphins are often associated with a “runner’s high.” But if you don’t like running, are you doomed to never reap these rewards? On the contrary, in fact. Strength training offers an effective alternative for otherwise sedentary people who simply don’t want to do aerobics. Arguably the most important aspect of strength training is to build healthy habits that carry into adulthood. Strength training a few times per week is one of the best ways to stay in shape. Withmental and emotional health concerns becoming a national epidemic, the younger you start, the more prepared you’ll be to combat them. Cognitive Health Another striking benefit of exercise that has emerged in recent years is its ability to make you smarter. Regular physical activity improves working memory as well as speeds up information processing. With rats as test subjects, one study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology even found that strength training alters the brain’s cellular environment. By attaching little weights to the animals, researchers found that regular weighted ladder climbs reduced age related memory loss. Therefore, resistance training could help you study for tests throughout high school, into college, and beyond.


The Importance of Strength Training

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