CHAPTER 1 THE IMPORTANCE OF STRENGTH TRAINING When you think of strength training, what comes tomind? You’re likely imagining a bodybuilder-type physique, lifting hundreds of pounds over his or her head. While this is only one sub-sector of the strength training community, we’re often inundatedwith images of people doing heavy squats, barbell pressing, and guys pumped up on steroids. Strength training is so much more than bodybuilding. In fact, it’s important for everyone! Teenagers, in particular, have a lot to gain from weightlifting—and it isn’t just muscle. A well-organized resistance training program provides a foundation for a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. It can also improve sports performance for youth athletes aiming to reach the next level. The Benefits of Youth Strength Training According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, youth strength training provides the following health andwellness benefits: › Reduced cardiovascular risk › Improved bone health › Motor-skill development › Sports performance › Injury prevention › Better mood and psychological well-being Therefore, you can use strength training regularly to take care of your all-around health.


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