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Introduction to Anxiety DISORDERS

When it comes to the different types of mental illnesses that are commonly seen today, anxiety should be one of the easiest to understand. Everyone, at some point in their lives, has experienced some form of anxiety or has some instance of feeling panicked and out of control. If you were to ask the average person on the street whether he or she has ever felt butterflies in their stomach or tightness in their chest, that person will likely have had these experiences on multiple occasions. That is anxiety—the feeling you might get right before taking a big test, speaking in public, having a medical procedure, or going on a date. Feeling a small amount of brief anxiety is common in these situations, but anxiety felt at larger levels is classified as a disorder. An Insider’s Look at Anxiety Disorders Despite how common general anxiety is, this disorder is still hard for people to fully comprehend. While most people have experienced mild anxiety, few have felt the true panic that characterizes an anxiety disorder. Some people face significant anxiety on a daily basis, even in the most normal situations or trivial circumstances. Panic goes far beyond a feeling of uneasiness and is considered an extreme form


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