we see if the medicines are still working. Between my scans, the anxiety calms somewhat, but I live in a constant state of wondering just how long I may have with my family. I wonder how long until the medicines stop working or until they wear down my body so much that I can’t keep fighting. I live in a constant state of fear, and anything can set off a full-fledged panic attack. This is my reality. This is what my life is like living with the anxiety disorder that cancer brought on. I wish more people understood what it is like. Even though I may put on a smile and act positively on the outside, on the inside I am still scared, panicked, and worried. 1 Anxiety disorders are serious mental illnesses. Some people master the art of hiding some of the symptoms and learn to hide behind a mask of smiles and happy faces. However, most people who have this disorder have underlying symptoms that have been present for a long time. These symptoms occur when a person has persistent or long lasting anxiety that leads to extreme distress and greatly interferes with the ability to live a normal life and engage in normal activities. Common symptoms that people experience when having anxiety are: • Feelings of panic, danger, fear, confusion, and uneasiness • Problems sleeping (e.g., getting to sleep and staying asleep) • Cold and sweaty hands and feet • Tightness in the chest or shortness of breath • Heartbeat skipping, racing, or pounding • An inability to be still and calm • Dry mouth and difficulty speaking • Numbness or tingling, especially in the face, hands, or feet • Nausea, indigestion, vomiting, or bloating What Anxiety Disorder Symptoms Look Like


Behavioral Disorders: Anxiety Disorders

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