• Muscle tension and cramping in the legs, back, or neck • Anticipation of passing out or changes in vision • Dizziness, confusion, loss of balance, or increased clumsiness Anxiety is sometimes complicated, because it often occurs along with other disorders. Anxiety can even cause other disorders to develop. General anxiety can cause someone to go into seclusion, and that can lead to social anxiety or the development of other disorders such as agoraphobia, an extreme and irrational fear of leaving one’s own home. When disorders such as these go untreated, they can quickly get out of hand. Depression is likely to develop and make the anxiety symptoms more pronounced and more devastating. These factors make anxiety disorders a challenge to diagnose, live with, and treat.

People with anxiety experience trouble sleeping and many other symptoms. People with general anxiety often have social anxiety and perhaps even extreme fears.


Introduction to Anxiety Disorders

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