Did you know that there is an ozone hole that forms over Antarctica during certain times of the year? This ozone hole forms because of the composition of the stratosphere in this region. The conditions present in the south polar stratosphere are the most favorable conditions for ozone destruction to occur. Since the climate during the winter in this area is so cold, clouds form in the stratosphere. Once spring comes, the sun’s UV rays hit this region and begin the process of destroying the ozone. This process happens until the stratospheric clouds have disappeared due to warming temperatures. During the summer, the lack of these clouds allows for the ozone layer to be replenished. High concentrations of ODS in the ozone lead to this seasonal hole becoming larger. and plants. Too much UV light will kill vegetation and destroy sensitive ecosystems. During the late 1970s, experts noticed that the amount of ozone existing in the atmosphere was beginning to decrease. This reduction was mostly attributed to harmful manufactured chemicals that were being released into the air. These chemicals are referred to as ozone-depleting substances (ODS) . These ODS wind up inside the stratosphere, where they release atoms that begin to break down the ozone, turning it into oxygen. This has created a depletion in the ozone, as well as a hole in the ozone. Since radiation from the sun is so dangerous, the role that the ozone layer plays in filtering out much of that radiation is a critical one. To put it simply, the ozone layer functions as a sort of shield



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