The earth’s atmosphere is made up of multiple levels, each of which has a specific trait and function. The six layers of the atmosphere are known as the:

• Troposphere • Stratosphere • Mesosphere • Thermosphere

• Exosphere • Ionosphere Troposphere: The troposphere is the lowest layer of the earth’s atmosphere. It begins at ground level and extends to around 33,000 feet (approximately 10 km) above sea level . The troposphere is where we live, and it is also where almost all of the earth’s weather happens. Since 99 percent of all of the water vapor found inside the atmosphere is found within this layer, it’s where most clouds form. The air at the bottom of the troposphere is warm and grows colder the higher up you go. In addition to this phenomenon, the higher you


The energy from our sun provides the earth with the light and warmth required for life. But did you know that we can harness that energy to turn it into the type of power that makes our modern societies work properly? Solar power is a renewable energy source that can provide us with heat and electricity for our homes and businesses.



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