Everyone likely has a memory of a severe weather event. A strong thunderstorm, high winds, a tornado or hurricane, or a blizzard or hailstormmay stick in your memory. Specific regions of the earth experience certain severe weather phenomena, and specific seasons bring certain weather events. These events take a toll, displacing people and animals from their homes and causing billions of dollars in damage each year. Also each year, there are over 100,000 deaths related to severe weather ranging from droughts to floods. In 2020 alone, there were over 60,000 weather events that resulted in 1,700 injuries and nearly 600 deaths. The deadliest instances over the last 5 years have included California wildfires and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. In this book, we explore extreme weather phenomena, and learn about some of the very strange but interesting severe weather that occurs across our planet. In this chapter, we begin with types of storms, starting with thunderstorms.


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