The largest snowfalls of all time have been over 100 inches.

conditions and whether the snowflakes are gathering water as they fall. How much water does it take to make snow? As it turns out, not much. In fact, an inch (2.54 cm) of rain can make 10 inches (25.4 cm) of snow. What are some of the greatest snowfalls of all time? In one year, from 1971 to 1972, Mount Rainier in Washington State had 102 feet (31.5 meters) of snow. Capracotta, Italy, experienced over 100 inches (2.56 cm) of snowfall in a 24-hour period in March 2015. For many years, there has been argument over which US snow event holds the world record for 24-hour snowfall. In 1921, 75.8 inches (192.5 cm) fell at Silver Lake, Colorado. New Yorkers say their state holds the record: a 77 inch (195.6 cm) snowfall occurred in 1997 in Montague, New York. In 1963, 78 inches of snow fell in one day in a remote area of Alaska near the Richardson Highway.


The Inside Scoop on Snow

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