Throughout history, people have both worshipped and feared the weather for its tremendous power. Weather has a role in culture, economies and even in how people interpret the concept of time. Weather is such an integral part of the daily routine that most people forget how truly powerful of a force weather actually is. People have an extremely close relationship with weather, although it is probably not something most think about each day. Chances are, you check the weather quite often. If you play sports, have an outdoor school activity, or are planning an outing with your family, you likely check the weather on TV or on your smartphone. What is the forecast? Will it rain? Will it snow? Will it be really hot? The weather determines quite a bit about how we live our lives. A rainy day may cause a change of plans from a sunny picnic to staying indoors to watch a movie. We often decide what we will do and what we will wear—all based on the weather. In fact, the weather can even influence how we feel, and extreme weather like a tornado or monsoon can change a person’s life forever.


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