Horsepower measures how much force the engine can apply to a car in a given amount of time, so basically, it is a measurement of power. Car engines are rated for different horsepower, and fast cars with a high horsepower provide much more energy to move the car through the air. Bigger engines make faster cars, but drag force will always be present. Drag is a force that works against motion. It is caused by air friction, and drag is also proportional to speed. The faster a car goes, the more the air works against the car, and that’s a drag— literally. Fast cars are designed to minimize friction caused by the surrounding air. AERODYNAMICS Did you know there is a whole branch of science dedicated to how air flows around objects? It is called aerodynamics. Fluid dynamics is the more general term, but since air is a very thin fluid, scientists coined the name “aerodynamics.” Car manufacturers must optimize airflow around and through the car to maximize fuel efficiency. HIGH HORSES Which car has the most horsepower? It is the Hennessey Venom F5, and it is wicked fast. The Venom F5 is a hypercar that is American-made and has a 1600-horsepower engine that can reach a speed of 301 miles per hour (mph). In less than 10 seconds, the car can accelerate to 186 (mph). Now that’s fast! The cost: $1.6 million!



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