concept is a principle of physics, known as center of mass. The engine is usually the heaviest single component of any car, which is why it is best placed in the center. This way the engine itself serves as the car’s center of mass. Forces act on the center of mass, so if the engine is centered, these forces are balanced and are more evenly distributed to the four tires. Imagine having an engine at the very front or very back of the car. When these forces are too concentrated at the front or rear of the car, the tires are more likely to have less grip and will be more likely to slide in turns. Automakers have over time reduced car engine size while maintaining performance levels. Smaller engines are cheaper, but if they do the same amount of work as a larger engine, consumers are happy. Modern motor oils help coat the cylinders to drastically reduce the friction of pistons so that the engine works much more efficiently.

Engines are the heaviest component in a car, making it the center of mass for the vehicle.



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