Did you know that 2.65 billion people worldwide use social media today? This means that almost everyone you know probably has at least one social media account. Social media helps people to connect with friends and family members, meet new people, buy products, and even advertise various businesses and products. Social media users employ “likes” and “shares” to communicate their approval of certain ideas and images, which is where it gets interesting. We can look to science to explain why social media is so enticing, and how businesses use these platforms to engage new customers. PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA Psychology is a branch of science that deals with the way we think and how we do things in our day-to-day lives. Even though this branch doesn’t deal with beakers or test tubes, it is still a demonstrably valid branch of science since it follows all the same basic rules as the other branches of science. For example, SCIENCE IN SOCIAL MEDIA CHAPTER 1


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