This is an exciting time in space exploration. Advances in scientific research and technology continue to occur, allowing astronomers, astrophysicists, astrogeologists, and other scientists and researchers to make discoveries that help us to better understand the vast universe and make life better on Earth. They are also building spacecraft that may return to the moon, visit Mars, land on an asteroid, and otherwise explore the vast reaches of space. Astronauts who are trained and employed by private companies will eventually travel to space alongside astronauts from NASA and other space agencies. NASA has also announced that it will begin allowing a few private astronauts to stay at the ISS each year. It will partner with private companies, such as SpaceX, to send tourists to the ISS. Aspiring private astronauts had better have big bank accounts. The New York Times reports that a single night at the ISS will cost $35,000!

The International Space Station.

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