The Geography of Bangladesh

Location: Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal and located between Myanmar (Burma) and India Area: Approx. one-third the size of the United States total: 57,320 sq. miles (148,460 sq. km) land: 50,259 sq. miles (130,170 sq. km) water: 7,062 sq. miles (18,290 sq. km) Borders: Myanmar (Burma) and India Climate: Tropical, with three seasons: hot summer from March to June, monsoon season from June to October, and mild winter from October to March Terrain: Mostly flat alluvial plain; hilly in southeast Elevation Extremes: lowest point: Indian Ocean at exactly sea level

highest Keokradong peak point: 4,035 feet (1,230 m) Natural Hazards:

Droughts, flash floods, widespread and destructive flooding from monsoonal rains; severe thunderstorms, earthquakes, cyclones

Source: www.cia.gov 2017


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